• An investment in Voyageur Minerals’ new offering provides direct investor exposure to two  critical & strategic minerals (minerals currently dependant on foreign imports) specifically, Lithium and Barium Sulfate (SO4), respectively. Lithium and Barite are currently two highly sought after minerals.

  • In Q2, 2016,  Voyageur added its ULI lithium project in the Paradox Basin, Utah, USA, to its property portfolio.  In addition to our high grade industrial Barite, our decision to move into the Lithium business may allow investors to realize (even) more potential for an investment in our equity or flow through shares (current offering).

  • Why?  Like high grade Barite, Lithium has entered a long term bull market due to the near term increase in lithium ion battery demand. This demand is being driven by battery storage companies and car battery manufacturing mega plants.   Tesla is not the only market driver, there are 12 lithium ion “megafactories” forecast to come online by 2020 with 7 of them located in China. All the major vehicle manufacturing companies are all ramping up electric vehicle production and worldwide production is estimated to exceed 20,000,000 cars per year by 2020.

  • An investment in this new offering will give investors exposure to a team who have explored for, developed, produced, and sold Barite to industry in the recent past (privately). Moreover, we firmly believe, given the high grades on our main Barite property, that we can produce barite locally – in Canadian dollars – for as much as, if not less, than the logistic costs (transportation costs from China) for current barite consumers in Canada and the USA.

  • An investment in this new offering at $0.10 per hard dollar unit or $0.12 per flow through (units,) provides an attractive entry price for many reasons, in addition to a discounted price to Net Asset Value (NAV) of $0.21 per share. (based on the Voyageur Industrial Minerals Ltd. Property valuation of $4.2 million determined using oil-field barite prices, not industrial barite prices. Valuation report undertaken independently by Snowden Engineering Inc. in 2015. More over the current entry price provides little, if any, “Lithium” premium that has arisen in the market as of late, as investors scramble to get positioned. We believe this round is a true ground floor opportunity for investors who choose to invest with us.

  • An investment in the company provides an investor with a company that has a very strong flight to positive cash flow potential, near term, within a very hungry market for a local industrial grade barite product. In fact, this company has since identified potential customers for Voyageur`s high grade industrial product. Specifically industrial barite consumers now seeking non Asian source due to quality and and supply constraints.

  • Own the highest grade. Voyageur has exceptionally high grade barite that is extremely rare to find worldwide. The majority of worldwide proven barite resources are associated with other toxic heavy minerals that environmentally contaminate the barite. Other contaminates lower its density also making it uneconomic. Voyageur`s barite is one of the few pure high grade deposits discovered worldwide.

  • Voyageur’s Utah Lithium (ULI) project is located in an area that contains the highest lithium grades in the USA. An area that is now experiencing a staking rush due to the Li PPM grade discoveries and the realization of the lack of water rights in the Clayton Valley, Nevada.

  • We believe that we are entering a Barite market that we can control due to the costs to transport constraints that our competitors face. Our Asian competition could drop their price to $0.00 per tonne and we would be able to compete. The logistic cost to land barite in Voyageurs market from Asia is potentially higher than our projected production cost.

  • Investors in this offering get an early stage entry price per unit of $0.10 /unit and/or a $0.12 Flow Through share, experienced team in finance, marketing, with senior pub-co management and notable co-founders known as experts in barite field. We have knowledge and experience and we are staged to advance this company to its potential heights, while providing growth and liquidity for our shareholders.

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