Environmental Responsibility

The Canadian mining projects are environmentally friendly in the respect that no chemicals are used to process the barite. The projects create a small surface footprint and the mining is open pit. Voyageur is planning on reducing water usage and implementing a strategy to have no tailings ponds in the mineral production process.

Barite (Barytes, Barium Sulfate) is a naturally occurring mineral. Its main properties are its high specific gravity (4.5) and very low solubility. It is non-toxic and also chemically and physically un-reactive. These properties allow mining to have a low environmental impact as there are no heavy metals or toxic minerals that will leach or cause harm to the environment.

Voyageur is adding Lithium deposits to our portfolio of assets. This strategic move will allow our company to become a major contributor to combat global climate change and reduce CO2 greenhouse gas. Lithium is an important metal that is used for electrical storage batteries. The current supply of lithium is not able to accommodate the future demand. Voyageur plans to become a major contributor to the lithium supply market and help our world combat climate change.